What does the future hold ?
Do I fall in line as the random accountant ?
Or I brace up to follow the path of my dreams ?
Do I have what it takes for the consequences of leaving my comfort zone ?
Do I please myself or please people’s expectations ?
Do I shut my ears and listen to my inner voices?
Do I just go with the flow and trust my intuition?

What does the future holds?
Dear husband , what do you like ?
Do you love books?
Do you like poetry ?
I hope you do, I’ll write your head off
I hope you have a sense of humour
So you understand my jokes
I made some decisions when I didn’t see you
I hope you like colour gold and a touch of crazy
I hope those beards are full and fluffy

together we will use my hair products
Come now o , not when I blow for lagos
You will come and say you stay in calabar

What does the future hold ?
Dear kids what do you look like?
Do you have mama’s wit ?
What books do you like ?
Do you have papa’s eyes?
Do you have mama’s lips ?
I can’t wait to share my stories with you
I can’t wait to tickle you silly
I will play horse so you can ride my back
We will go shopping and take ice creams
Together we will make a great team

What does the future hold ?
Places I long to visit
People I hope to meet
Lives I hope to touch
Books I hope to publish
Skills I hope to acquire
Projects I hope to complete
So help me God


Hamdalah Li

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