Assalamu alaykum warahmatullaah wabarakatuh,

I want to share an experience and how I got over it.

So yesterday, towards the evening, I sat down and started playing out list of things I haven’t  done/gotten.  You know that feeling of just  seeing only the negatives. It was like my brain couldn’t remember one great thing I had done. I knew the cure. I pulled out a paper and wrote on top. “Things I am grateful for”. I started with being thankful for health, food water, cloth, having family, to the things I have accomplished over the months. By the time I was done, I had written over THIRTY things to be grateful for. Whereas the things I was beating myself up for are not up to five. That’s how our minds drag us into that sad pit if we don’t arrest it.

I moved on to write things I wanted in “PRESENT TENSE” . I wrote them like I had received them. As expected I was able to shift focus. I was able to change those wrong vibes that wanted to sneak inside.

Is this familiar? How our brain just forget the numerous blessings in our life and decide to focus on one thing that probably isn’t as enormous as we imagine them.

Next time this negative feelings creep out. Just pull out a paper and scribble away. Write how grateful you are for fresh air, your nice clothes, the person you made happy, the blessing of islam, the gift of solah. By the time you are done with this exercise, you will be left with an exhilarating contentment. You might even feel awful for been sad in the first place. Look around you and appreciate the things around.

Staying grateful keeps you healthy.

Staying grateful propels you to receive more.

Stay great

Stay grateful



Your sister in growing.

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