HAJJRIDE – a group of brothers are carrying out an amazing journey you may not even be aware of – they are cycling from the UK to Hajj – whilst in the process trying to raise £1 million for SYRIA (so far only £165,917.92 has been raised since they began 3 weeks ago and hajj begins in few days)

They are uploading amazing videos updates on youtube of their ride through – France, Germany, Greece, Hurghada in Egypt but none of them are getting up to  10,000 views.

eNARRATE supports the effort by creating this awareness, it’s never too late, let’s join hands together to show them we care by donating, watching their journey and sending messages of support every day from now to hajj.

You will only need to watch 1 video to be inspired – see them all on www.enarrate.com/entrail, donate at http://hajjride.givebrite.com/, follow them @hajjride2017 on Instagram and twitter, and @hajjride on Facebook

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