Every day she was scolded and sneered at for not swimming perfectly like the other fishes, they didn’t see how she loved to jump and swing from trees to trees. They failed to see the monkey in her.

She didn’t want fins to swim. She had her own unique talent of swinging from trees that the fishes couldn’t. They were too myopic in defining success its either you are a swimmer or a loser so she tried to blend in while she enjoyed her private swinging with no one to cheer her. Now she is getting more confident in her talent and is ready to drop the scales and fins so she can flaunt her long tail.

Did you get the drift? Can you relate to this? We are in a society that is very myopic in the definition of success. The successful people are only those that have cliché job descriptions like lawyer, doctor, engineer, and accountant and so on. Any other job description that falls out of these categories is looked down upon.  So if a young lad aspires to be a baker, chef or a writer he is told million reasons why he can only be a doctor or pharmacist. He grows up trying to fit in, struggling with something he has zero drive and passion for. He becomes a shadow of what he truly wants to be then the society wanders why we produce quarks. Children with dreams that are considered “out of norm” are given a life script and programs on how to live.  Parent out casting their wards because of grades.  Parents and others constantly make you feel like a sorry looser. Have you tried finding out if he is good in something else. How did you expect a fish to climb a tree? How did you expect a monkey to outsmart a fish in a swimming race?.

What’s the point of living a life that is not yours? Why do we kill people’s dreams because of our own archaic definition of success? Do you know what success is? Success is doing what you enjoy. Success is waking up with a drive and passion because you love what you do. The definition is relative. If Jake loves to be a doctor, please cheer him. If jill wants to do nature photography, please cheer him. Together we can help people live their true purpose. Together we can harmonize all these unique gifts and  create a better world for everyone to live in.

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