CRESCENTS NASHEED started with producing nasheed with musical instruments but having understood and digesting the position of Islam on the use of musical instruments, they refrained and focused on vocal fillers and beat-boxing. The first album titled ‘We need You’ is a combination of instrumentals and vocals only tracks but their current album BAN (Beats Ain’t Necessary) totally excluded the use of musical instruments.

The most common Nasheed are rendered in English, Arabic and Urdu. Since nasheed is coming as a new genre in Nigeria, Crescents Nasheed decided to include their local dialect Yoruba for commercialization and swift acceptance. Like every successful story, sacrifices were made, insults were accommodated, zero-tolerance from fellow Muslims, lack of faith by promoters/marketers/record labels but all these were not enough to deter Crescents Nasheed from pursuing their passion. The word disadvantage in itself says, ‘This-Advantage’.

Crescents considered all obstacles as a bridge, not a barricade. This gave birth to their own record label, The Crescents Entertainment ® with two successful albums on their belt. The duo group is bent on breaking all barriers in other to pave way for more nasheed artiste in Nigeria.

The group has performed at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Whisper of Peace Eidfest, LTV/MICA Eidfest, The Babs Salam Orphanage Home, MSSN Medilag Dinner, MPAC events, One Ummah Peace and Unity Convention, The Legacy 1.0, The Peace Train Concert alongside Native Deen to mention a few.

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98546 Sollu Alay
98545 Signs
98547 Way of Life
98544 Owo Adu’a
98543 Jaye Jaye
98542 Grave is My Bed
98541 Bless My Mum
98540 Allahu Akbar

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