Akbar Ibrahim

Akbar Ibrahim

My name is Akbar Ibrahim. I am a software engineering student. I’m a blogger at southofnormality.wordpress.com

I joined enRADIO because I think it’s a great platform. We Muslims finally get the chance to tell our stories ourselves rather than let the unforgiving mainstream media tell it for us. It is not enough for us to sit down and complain about the inaccurate portrayal of Islam and Muslims by others. We have to portray the Islam we want the world to see. And enRADIO provides this opportunity and I am extremely glad and privileged to be a part of it.

And Ma shaa Allah, ever since I joined, it’s been very wonderful. All the brothers and sister on the team are very warm and helpful.

Akbar Ibrahim is the host of our upcoming social show titled “Audacity Of Hope” – WATCH OUT!

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