Within chronilogical age of seventeen, Paige’s adoptive moms and dads, Mr

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Within chronilogical age of seventeen, Paige’s adoptive moms and dads, Mr

and you may Mrs. Matthews, was murdered from inside the a bad car wreck. To what she you’ll contemplate, they did not comprehend the automobile one swerved within their way. Paige survives, instantly getting out of bed to the sidewalk watching the vehicle totaled and you may burning. It will be revealed to Paige once she turned into a good witch you to she got subconsciously orbed from the car. Adopting the death of their parents, Paige altered their feelings dramatically; she eliminated smoking and drinking, and just have reach investigation more challenging. She is actually accepted so you’re able to UC Berkeley for good levels and an excellent well-created essay towards the loss of the lady moms and dads. She later on graduated which have a qualification during the public work.

Conference Piper and you will Phoebe

1 year through to the loss of Prue Halliwell, Paige come to head to P3 due to the fact she noticed an association on the Halliwells. Then Paige satisfied Phoebe at funeral service of Prue where Phoebe got a vision out-of Shax destroying Paige. Phoebe along with her date Cole Turner went to check into Paige, seeking to save yourself the girl out-of Shax. When he assaulted, Phoebe and you may Cole watched Paige orbing. When they saved the lady it advised Piper just who summoned the g and you may mother instantaneously. They told me Paige is actually the half-cousin. Paige next turned up and you will met with the woman 50 % of-sisters at the their property. Through to trembling hands with Piper (which have Phoebe clutching so you’re able to Paige’s case), the pendant above them began to glow and you will be noticeable a bluish white just like it did just before whenever Phoebe reawakened the efforts away from herself and her sisters.

Immediately following you to definitely minute, Shax came bursting in the from side doorways and you can kicked the sisters away. Piper and you may Phoebe took Paige and you may ran upstairs while Leo distracted Shax.

About attic, Piper and you will Phoebe ordered Paige so you can throw the brand new vanquishing enchantment with her or him which means that shown she try a witch. Paige performed what the girl siblings informed her doing and you may spotted to the lady amazement how the monster in front of their eyes blew right up.

The fresh new Screen regarding Opportunity

Since the Shax wasn’t winning within the killing Paige, the cause of the many Worst made a decision to use the Windows out of Chance to change Paige facing the girl siblings and also make the girl their slave.

To do so the reason had Paige’s boyfriend Shane and you may made use of their powers in order to lure Paige so you’re able to worst. He posed since a dad whom abused their kid [4] and you will pretty sure their out of killing him by orbing their cardio away of their human anatomy. Paige tries however, isn’t able doing due to the woman sisters, Leo, and Cole.

Once a tiny race where Paige located brand new Source’s real characteristics, she ultimately matches the nice front side merely over time to greatly help save Cole who had been fatally stabbed of the Origin.

Stepping into Halliwell Manor

Paige is reluctant initially whenever she was questioned to go toward manor. She believed that she’d have no confidentiality after Piper and you may Phoebe got bust for the the lady flat. A far more crucial reasoning was you to she believed Piper and you can Phoebe simply wished the girl to move in to battle the brand new demons and you may warlocks as well as others opponents the latest sisters experienced. [5] She told which to help you Leo when he, for the Piper’s order, must persuade Paige to move in the.


Immediately following Piper and you will Phoebe produced Paige feel like she are an excellent an element of the loved ones, she gone into the Prue’s rooms. Paige initially did not move and take aside most of Prue’s content, about respect her, but given that time went on, she produced the area her very own. She got gone in most the lady painting-articles and made they the woman atelier for a time. She grabbed out all the the girl images and you may product after all of the demon-attacking made this lady unable to color in her own time.

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